What Tom Brady and the Patriots are doing at the moment is unheard of in the NFL. This Sunday ‘Tom Terrific’ will be playing in his 8th Superbowl! Think about that for a second. The NFL is a sport built on fairness. The league is set up in a way where teams aren’t supposed to reach 8 Superbowls in 17 years.

But how do they do it? No one can bottle up the Patriots formula and mimic it, otherwise their success wouldn’t be so consistent. It’s a mentality that only Kraft, Belichick and Brady have. A ruthlessness that second isn’t good enough, runners-up is the first loser, only the best will do.

In terms of soccer, the only comparison I can use is Real Madrid. For decades Real Madrid has chased and earned success more than any other club in the world. They hold their players and most importantly their managers to the highest of standards. What happens if the standards slip? You are shown the door.  This is why they continue to have domestic and European success.

This mentality is what every ambitious sports team should aim for. But unbelievably this mindset remains so rare. I would love for my Kansas City Chiefs and Arsenal to have this thought process. In fact, it’s safe to say that Arsenal has had the complete opposite approach in recent years.

This is why I continue to support the Patriots in Superbowls. Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t choose the Patriots success over the Chiefs’, but whilst we remain a few steps behind I want Tom Brady to keep adding to his trophy haul.

I am a dynasty guy, what can I say?

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