The Alex Smith and Chiefs story had the happiest of endings

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Okay, maybe not happiest but certainly the most impactful and meaningful.

I know my co-writers will disagree with me, but I honestly believe that the Kansas City Chiefs have the greatest fans in the world.

Now I am not just saying this because they hold the world record for loudest outdoor sports stadium, nor am I saying this because on the two occasions I have visited KC, I have been made to feel like I belong in every way, shape and form.

The reason I am saying this is because of the little things Chiefs fans do. Like for example what the Chiefs Kingdom got together and done Thursday afternoon.

Earlier this week the news was announced that 5 years Chiefs Quarterback Alex Smith will be traded to the Washington Redskins. Opinion on the trade and the football player himself has been and will continue to be divided. However, one thing that will never split opinion will be the man himself. Alex Smith is a great guy, and EVERYONE knows it.

Nothing demonstrates this more than the ‘Alex Smith foundation.’ A project he set up with the aim to help foster children have the best possible set up in order for them to lead good lives when they hit adulthood.

This is where the Chiefs fans come in . . .

As a thank you to Alex for his professionalism and selfless attitude during his time in KC, Chiefs fans began to donate $11 each to his foundation.

Why $11? I assume because that was the number he sported in the red and gold. To no one’s surprises other’s caught on and the next thing you know the donations were flying in.

As of Thursday evening over 2,000 seperate donations had been made, and the figure is expected to rise.

A small gesture from the Chiefs Kingdom but a gesture that will make the world of difference.

Well done Chiefs fans and well done Alex Smith.

If you want to make a donation to the Alex Smith foundation, click here.

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