If you’re a Man City youngster how do you feel about your chances of breaking into the first team squad this evening?

Normally when teams are running short of first team players to fulfil a match day squad, managers will call up the most deserving under 23’s to gain some valuable match day and first team experience.

Obviously I am looking at this situation from the outside, but I can only see the pros for giving a youth player time with the matchday squad. He will get to spend time with the players he aspires to play with one day, he get’s to see how the seasoned pros carry themselves on matchday, and you never know he may even get on the pitch.

Pep denied this opportunity to a Man City youngster today at Burnley when he only named 6 substitutes. But why?

Some will say that Pep only decided to fill a bench of 6 players to prove a recent point about opposition ‘kicking’ his first teamers. But if that was his point then don’t hide behind the pitiful excuse of ‘not having anymore players.’

That is a flat out lie. He has an entire development programme underneath the first team squad. An entire development squad that will be wondering their worth tonight.

What makes Pep’s claim of his players being kicked strange is the stats behind the statement. After matchday 25 Man City are currently the 13th most fouled team in the Premier League, so again more excuses based on nothing.

Don’t get me wrong I like Pep as a manager and a tactician but one or two excuses are starting to creep in, Man United spent this, West Brom kicked that.

Let’s end the excuses and the false claims. If you don’t have enough first team players due to injury or not being able to secure the signature of Mahrez, then please give your youth players some hope, some motivation and more importantly a chance.

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