In the aftermath of, lets be honest another dreadful deadline day. Filled with yellow screens, yellow ties, annoying Scottish TV personality’s and not much action at all. We are now witnessing the biggest story of the entire window and ironically it’s about a player that didn’t actually move.

After Manchester City withdrew a £60 million bid for Riyad Mahrez, he has now resorted to throwing his toys out of his gold plated cot and not bothering to show up to training. Regardless of how good or average this player is, what he is now doing shows a distinct lack of class and its one of the reasons football is losing its way.

What does Mahrez expect to achieve from acting like this? Surely a new employer such as Manchester City would look at how he is acting and begin to have second thoughts? Luis Suarez was desperate to move from Liverpool to Barcelona however he never disrespected the club in the way Mahrez is doing.

Who is to blame in all of this? Certainly not Leicester City. They had every right to hold out for a player that they feel is worth between £80-90 million and at the current market value, (no thanks to that stupid £75 million transfer for Van Dyke) you would have to say £80 million is a fair price.

So if Leicester City are not to blame do we blame Manchester City? Well partly, Pep Guardiola has a fantastic tactic of turning players heads before he puts a below par bid in for them. We’ve seen it at Barcelona and now we are seeing it again at City. However they have every right to bid what they like for players, regardless of what they are actually worth.

At the end of the day we can always learn something from this. A story in which Sky and other media outlets will ram down our throats until we vomit on our own Leicester City shirts. We have learnt to read contracts before we sign them and for god sake put in a buy out clause.

Mahrez has only himself to blame.

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