Your Guide to Betting on Super Bowl LII

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It’s that time of year again, 112 million people across the world will tune in to watch the Super Bowl – from the most die hard of fans to those who will watch the sport for the first time. There will be more than 1.3 billion chicken wings, 14 billion burgers, 5 million kilograms of crisps and 325 million gallons of beer consumed over the weekend, and that’s just in my house. (Or in America – you choose which one you want to believe)

All of that food and drink is going to cost a lot of money so you might want to try and win some of it back – here are some of the best (and strangest) ways to get it.

Match Winner

The New England Patriots are the favourite at 1/2, with the Philadelphia Eagles coming in at 13/8. It is a tough Super Bowl to pick a winner (as they always seem to be), but I think those Eagles odds look too long. Their defence is set up in the right way to get into Tom Brady’s face, and while he can deal well with pressure we all know how much he loves an NFC East pass rush in a Super Bowl (see 2007, 2011)


The Patriots are favoured to win by 5 points, and you can take that line at 10/11. The Eagles at +5 is 5/6. There’s not a lot of money to be made on a single bet, but again if I were picking I’d take the Eagles – they are my pick to win the game and if they do lose I don’t think it’ll be by more than 3 points.

Player Touchdowns

There are some high profile players on both teams, and I think there will be a lot of points in this Super Bowl. Rob Gronkowski has cleared the concussion protocol and will be playing, he is 15/2 for first touchdown scorer and 10/11 any time. The tight end is due a big game in a Super Bowl and I think he is pretty much guaranteed a touchdown on Sunday night. Britain’s own Jay Ajayi is 12/1 first and 15/8 any time scorer, but his partner in crime in the Eagles running game (and former Patriot) LaGarrette Blount has the same odds on both and I would expect to see him in on goal line plays – those 15/8 any time odds on Blount look nice.


Quarterbacks have won 8 of the last 11 Super Bowl MVP awards, and Tom Brady has bagged the honour in 4 of his 7 appearances in the big game which is more than anyone else in history. He is 4/5 favourite to win this years Super Bowl MVP which is understandable. Nick Foles has done a good job stepping in for Carson Wentz as the Eagles quarterback, and you can pick him up at 5/2 if you think quarterbacks will make it 9 wins out of the last 12 Super Bowls. But the 2 players that stand out for me are Rob Gronkowski at 9/1 and any player on the Eagles defence or special teams at a whopping 20/1 – if the Eagles win this game their defence will be a big reason for it and those odds are too good to pass up.

Coin Toss

All of the previous bets would come in during the game or once the game is finished, but why wait until then? Why not bet on the first bit of meaningful action of the night? You can get either heads or tails at 1/1. In the previous 51 Super Bowls heads has fallen 24 times, with tails 27 times, and the previous 4 have all been tails too. I’m a man of laws so give me the law of average and the heads.

The National Anthem

This year pop superstar Pink has the honours of singing the American national anthem before the game and, yes, you can bet on it. The over/under on length is 2 minutes this year, and over the last 12 years 6 have been longer than 2 minutes and 6 have been less – makes this a tough call. Whichever you think it may be you can get 6/5 on the under and 8/13 on the over – personally I’d go with the under. But that’s not all! If you’re in to your hair colours you can bet on what colour you think Pink will rock on Sunday – White/Blonde is 4/9, Pink/Red is 9/4, Green is 3/1, Blue/Purple is 9/1 and Black/Brown is 12/1. I don’t know a lot about Pink but with a name like that give me the 9/4 Pink/Red hair any day.

Gatorade Shower Colour

One of the traditions of the Super Bowl is the winning coach getting a bucket of the sweet, sweet American energy drink Gatorade thrown over him by some of his players. And of course you can bet on what colour it will be! Last year when the Patriots won Bill Belichick wasn’t showered, and if you think either he or Doug Pederson will avoid a soaking again this year you can take no shower at 7/4. Before that 4 of the last 7 showers had been orange, and you can take orange this year at 6/1. Other colours available are yellow at 15/8, blue at 3/1, purple at 16/1, red at 25/1 and clear/water at 7/2. When I think Gatorade I think orange so stick me down for 6/1.

All odds are correct on Sky Bet at the time of writing and I urge you to bet responsibly

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