The Football Meets Football Team’s Super Bowl XLII Predictions

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Today is better than Christmas. Better than Easter. Better than the now annual new Star Wars movie release day (but only marginally). Yes it’s the best day of the year – Super Bowl Sunday. Here’s how the team at FMF think the game will go down, as well as the opinions from A UK fan from both the Eagles and the Patriots:


No drama involving the Patriots this time round. Tom Brady takes another gigantic step towards eternal greatness as he puts on a clinic against the Eagles.

The Eagles will try to emulate the same tactics the Giants adopted in 2007 and 2011, by getting in Tom’s face early.

But the GOAT will be as prepared as ever, and the Eagles pass rush will fall flat on it’s face with Brady picking holes in the Eagles secondary.

Eagles 17 Patriots 36, Tom Brady MVP


My heart says the Eagles but my head says the Patriots.

It’s really a Super Bowl where I wouldn’t mind if both teams lost but I’ll be rooting for the Eagles or more accurately Torrey Smith.

Brady and the Patriots have been there and done that so many times they won’t get caught up in the moment and I think the Eagles will.

Eagles 13 Patriots 27, Tom Brady MVP


The Eagles are the underdogs going into today. But they were the underdogs in the Divisional round of the playoffs against the in form Atlanta Falcons. They were also the underdogs against the NFC’s team of destiny, the Minnesota Vikings, in the NFC Championship game. They are thriving in the underdog role since Carson Wentz went out injured and I think it will continue tonight.

Their defence is set up perfectly to counteract the Patriots offense, the issue will be stopping Rob Gronkowski but if any defence can do it is these Eagles.

Their offensive game plan has been planned perfectly for Nick Foles; he didn’t just step into the role designed for Wentz they have re-imagined their playbook to suit his game, a huge achievement given how late in the season he came in.

Eagles 34 Patriots 27, Fletcher Cox MVP


This is a super bowl where the only one outcome thats acceptable to a Jets fan is an Eagles win, but I think it will be business as usual for the Patriots – it’s time for Brady to start putting rings on his other hand

Personally I can’t see the Eagles putting up much of a fight against the dominant force from the AFC, and I think Brady will pick holes in a fairly good Eagles D. However I think it will be the Eagles offense that will let them down in the end by not putting up points – the moment will overwhelm them.

Eagles 7 Patriots 27, Tom Brady MVP

Stuart Culham – UK Eagles Fan

As an Eagles fan, my heart and head says they win. All season they have been the underdog and always been told they are lucky. The Eagles offense should be fine, Doug Pederson seems to always work a decent offensive gameplan. My worry is if the Eagles front 4 can’t pressure Brady he will take advantage of the overly aggressive secondary of the Eagles and it could lead to a blowout.

My bold prediction is a Chris Long strip sack, and Eagles return for TD ices the game.

Eagles 31 Patriots 21, Fletcher Cox or Brandon Graham MVP

Chris Georgiou – UK Patriots Fan

I’m incredibly nervous as usual for the game, but I’m optimistic. I think the Eagles strength in rush defense is going to hamper our usual ‘death by a thousand short gains’ approach to passing with them stopping play-action, but we do have receivers that can stretch the field. I think they’ll double up on Gronk and put their best CB on Cooks but they’ll be leaving Hogan and Amendola with more room to make big slot gains. Our D always has a bend but don’t break mentality and I have a feeling we’ll be allowing a lot of yards but few touchdowns. Our 2 keys to success in my opinion are keeping Brady as untouchable as possible and not falling too far behind, I can’t take another 28-3 comeback!

Eagles 27 Patriots 30, Dion Lewis MVP

What are your predictions for the game? Who’s going to take home the MVP? Let us know in the comments section, on our Twitter or on our Facebook page!

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