Who is the next to leave the ‘No Rings Club’?

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Once the Eagles decided to terminate their membership with the ‘no ring club’ on Sunday night, they left behind a collection of 12 members who are itching to become the newest member of the prestigious ‘Superbowl winners club’.

But who is the most likely to leave next? Counting down from least to most likely we have ranked the chances of each team escaping in 2018.

12. Browns

We have heard of teams going from worst to first in division before, but in the entire league? No chance.

11. Lions

A rookie head coach may ignite this team next year, but he might not. Even if he does they still need to get out of a division with the terrifying Vikings D and Aaron Rodgers in it.

10. Titans

One of the worst playoff teams we have ever seen somehow managed to get a win in Kansas City this year. If they make it back to the postseason, it will be a miracle.

9. Cardinals

Another transitional team without a QB but with a new coach. Unfortunately it looks like Larry Fitz will never get that elusive ring.

8. Bengals

Whilst Marv Lewis is the HC the Bengals will continue to falter in the playoffs. Sorry Bengals fans, it’s in your DNA now!

7. Bills

I like this team, I really do! With a couple of tweaks here and there they could be a player in the pitiful AFC.

6. Panthers

This team is only 2 years removed from a 15-1 season and a Superbowl appearance. Whilst they have Cam, they have a chance.

5. Texans

With Deshawn Watson and JJ Watt set to return in 2018 this team becomes a force to be reckoned with.

4. Falcons

A home Superbowl is all the motivation needed for Matt Ryan & Co. They have been close a couple of times recently. Now is the time to get over the hump.

3. Chargers

They came so close to a playoff spot last time around, so close to becoming the team that no one would have wanted to face in the AFC playoffs. The LA outfit is set up to succeed sooner rather than later.

2. Vikings

I fear they may have missed their best opportunity but the Vikings do have the talent to have another go. Whilst we don’t know who will be under centre, what we do know is that they possess an awesome defence led by one of the leagues most under appreciated players in Harrison Smith.

1. Jaguars

The Jaguars are the real deal. The proof is in how close they ran the Patriots this year. Whilst the offence struggles, the defence puts up all time numbers. If and it is a big if, they manage to sort out their Quarterback situation (Kirk Cousins, cough) then this team is destined for a ring in the next 2 years.

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