What is worse, bad winners or bad losers ?

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After an exciting end to this year’s NFL Calendar, we saw the Philadelphia Eagles lift the Lombardi trophy while their fans proceeded to eat s**t and burn their hometown down!At the same time we saw Tom Brady show his true sore-loser colours. Which is worse: a bad loser or a bad winner?

So it is over for another year. However, unlike most, it ended in a Patriots’ defeat (much to my delight). This is a spot that demands respect and most of all respect to your opponent. Tom Brady on the world’s biggest stage showed a complete lack of respect by not shaking his opposition’s hand. I’ve read that he apparently couldn’t find him. “It got crazy”… I say BS! Over the years he has managed to find most, if not all, of his other counter parts. I say Tom Brady is a sore loser.

But for all the wrong Tom Brady showed us this weekend (and for the pain he brought to me as a Jets’ fan), Brady is at least gracious in victory. Unlike the fans of the Philadelphia Eagles.

I’d like to add that it was an excellent victory and you guys have the right to be happy -heck I’m happy for you, any patriots’ defeat is a win for the Jets in my book – but if the Jets win the Super Bowl (again, in case you forgot) I doubt I’ll get up and go eat horse poo. I’ll speak for all  sports fans by saying none of us would. So why on earth did you?

It wasn’t just the eating of animals’ droppings that showed a lack of class, grace, showmanship (you name it); it was the flipping of cars, burning of objects and tearing your city apart that confirmed that Eagles’ fans are bad winners.

Being a bad winner or a bad loser are as bad as each other: however neither is an excuse to go and eat horse s**t.

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