The whole idea behind offseason content is to stay relevant. No sport does this better than the NFL. Year after year they drive out content that still drags in the hits, that still drags in the engagements and more importantly keeps the likes of you and me talking about the NFL.

Here is a perfect example:


So in true offseason form, we are going to try and answer this most ridiculous of questions. Who is the next NFL dynasty? Which team can emulate the 70’s Steelers, 80’s 49ers, the 90’s Cowboys, or the 21st-century Patriots?

Here are 6 teams that could be primed for legendary status:

Oakland Raiders


With Jon Gruden coming back and with all of their talent, the future should be bright in Oakland/Vegas. My main concern is the defence. For too long this unit has been no better than mediocre. Will it continue to hold back this team?

Los Angeles Rams


Young quarterback, the best running back in the league, the coach of the year and Aaron Donald. How can you not get excited about this team?

Kansas City Chiefs

Pat Mahomes white jersey

Some will say bias but let’s think about it for a second. A top 2 tight end, a top 10 wide receiver, the NFL’s leading rusher in 2017, Eric Berry, a lockdown corner (editor’s note. No lockdown corner anymore) and the exciting young quarterback Pat Mahomes.

Minnesota Vikings


This team should have not been left off the NFL’s original post, and here’s why:

A top defence, two terrific young wide receivers, an excellent running back stable, a choice of 3 quarterbacks and excellent coaching.

Jacksonville Jaguars


Defense wins championships, but so does good quarterback play. Now I know Blake Bortles wasn’t terrible in the playoffs, but he hardly installs confidence does he? He is my only fear with this team. If they can find an upgrade at the quarterback position, I see no reason why they cannot dominate.

Philadelphia Eagles

doug pederson

They have the quarterback (or two), they have the defence, they have the system, they have the coaching and most importantly they now have the experience.

But seriously, no more horse poo.

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