For those that don’t live in the UK or for those that do, but you live under a rock, it’s been snowing. The snow has brought the usual carnage of closed airports, schools, work places, trains have been cancelled and the roads are gridlocked. Unless you live and work between Bedfordshire and Heathrow, I’ve been hoping to be snowed in all week but had no trouble getting to and from work, but enough about me. One other consequence of the bad weather is that football games get called off. Yesterday’s game at Wembley was close to being called off and tonight’s game at the Emirates is now under threat. Normally games at the big clubs don’t have such problems as a frozen pitch, I know the pitch at the Emirates has under soil heating but it’s the roads and paths outside the ground that can be dangerous and ultimately the fans need to stay safe and get home in one piece. However I do love a game in the snow but I fear the sight of the luminous orange ball on snow covered pitch is now a thing of the past. That’s not always been the case though and our friends in the USA don’t let a little thing like snow stop them either, below are a selection of games that didn’t let the weather get in the way.


Colts @ Bills 2017 – Let’s start in the NFL season just gone and it’s no surprise to find Buffalo in this list. For those that don’t know, Buffalo is in north New York State close to the border with Canada and Niagara Falls and I know from experience that it’s cold. This game was far from a classic with the score at 7-7 going into overtime. LeSean McCoy scored a 21 yard run touchdown with only 1:33 left on the clock to win the game for the Bills, cue celebratory snow angels.

ipswich snow

Ipswich vs Leicester 2010 – This Championship game went ahead despite 4 Premier League games being called off. The referee deemed the pitch was playable at lunchtime even though this was an evening kick off. By the time the match went ahead snow had to be cleared from the pitch and the lines painted blue so everyone could see. The future Premier League champions obviously didn’t favour the conditions and Ipswich won the game 3-0.

philly snow

Lions @ Eagles 2013 – Another mention of Lesean McCoy but this time of the Philadelphia Eagles in the game dubbed ‘The Snow Bowl’. No score in the first quarter and the conditions didn’t help with the Lions fumbling 4 times in the first and Foles throwing an interception to a defender who must have been well camouflaged. The Eagles had only 6 points on the board heading into the fourth but with McCoy ran in a 57 yard touchdown to tie the game and they eventually won 34-20.

posh snow

Peterborough vs Walsall 2018 – Just this week saw Peterborough beat Walsall 2-1 on Tuesday night. This was their first win 8 games having come from behind but the match was nearly abandoned thanks to heavy snowfall. Peterborough players including ex-Premier League Steven Taylor, grabbed shovels and helped clear the snow. The ref allowed the game to continue and the Posh got a needed 3 points.

Packers ice

Cowboys @ Packers 1967 – This game has been dubbed ‘The Ice Bowl’ and with good reason. The winner of the NFL championship game would go on to Super Bowl II but first, the teams had to play in low temperatures. How low? I’ve seen various reports stating between -13F & -20F, that’s around -25C to -28C without wind chill. This game is made famous for Packers quarterback Brett Starr (no.15) scoring a QB sneak from third and goal from the 1 yard line leading the Packers to win 21-17.


Tromso vs Chelsea 1997 – Back to the snow games and if you thought Buffalo and Green Bay were cold, Tromso is in north Norway and inside the Arctic Circle. We have to remember this was pre Abramovich Chelsea so factor this in along with the weather it is understandable Chelsea lost 3-2 to their Norwegian opponents. Play was stopped twice so the ground staff could clear the lines of snow and during the several blizzards that took place it was hard to make out the players. The fairy tale didn’t last for Tromso as they were soundly beaten 7-1 in the second leg at Stamford Bridge.

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