Top 5 NFL Free Agents Their Destination

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So the legal tampering period is almost upon us, Starting Monday NFL teams will officially be allowed to discuss contracts with free agents. This period will go on until the 14th March when players can then officially sign a contract with a current or new team. With only a couple of days to go, lets look at my top 5 free agents and where I think they are likely to end up.

Kirk Cousins- Now this story has been the talk of the off season and Cousins likely destination has changed week to week. First the Broncos using John Elway to lure the ex-Redskins stud to Denver. Then The New York Jets looked likely to finally land a franchise QB. Now its the turn of the Minnesota Vikings and personally this one make the most sense. The Vikings almost got in to the Super Bowl this year losing to the Eagles 38-7 (Ouch!). Plugging in a Quarter back like Cousins can push the Vikings over the line and get them to the 2019 Super Bowl and with the talent that is on this team, Diggs, Thielen, Cook and their elite defence. Its now a question of weather Kirk follows the money or accolades. Reading and seeing Cousins in interviews I feel he will go where he can be most successful and that’s the Vikings.

Allen Robinson- Jacksonville’s number one wideout finds himself testing the market as they did not opt to give Robinson the franchise tag. The 24-year-old wide receiver is recovering from an ACL tear that stunted his 2017 season. In January Robinson said he expects to be fully recovered in May. A lot of teams have holes to fill at the wide receiver position. Bears and the Redskins are the two at the front of the pack you could also throw Baltimore in with a good chance at landing the stud wide receiver we can also rule the Browns out after signing Jarvis Landry. The Bears need to help Trubisky with some talent at wide receiver and Robinson is their guy. I love the fit and it works for both team and the player.

Jimmy Graham-The Seahawks tight-end finds himself on the open market. The 31-year-old 5x pro bowler is coming toward the back end of his NFL career, however he still put up some good numbers last year mainly at the goal line with 10 touchdowns. Graham played in all 16 games in the last two seasons so he still has some juice in the tank at least for another 2/3 years. Texans and stud QB Deshaun Watson could really do with a threat like Jimmy Graham helping the Rookie QB in touchdown and panic situations. I think the fit works for both teams and Jimmy Graham will find himself in an electrifying team next year.

Richard Sherman- Seahawks say good bye to the face of the legion of boom as they look to re-build. Richard Sherman will be looking for two things in free agency; a) to get paid and b) to land at a team that have a chance at winning a Super Bowl. Sherman’s season ended with an Achilles tear and has now had surgery, he fully expects to be back week one. A large amount of teams in the NFL could use a corner of Sherman’s ability however one springs to mind and that’s the San Fran 49ers. Now they have their franchise QB they will now target the defensive side of the ball and get Richard Sherman.

Sammy Watkins- Rams decided not to franchise tag the 24-year-old wide receiver rather opting to tag Joyner. Sammy Watkins feels like he’s been in the league forever. Last year Watkins finished the year with 8 touchdowns his second highest count since joining the league in 2014. The most likely scenario is he will re-sign with the Rams, However I would love to see him at Baltimore. Flacco could really use a number 1 wide receiver and Watkins would instantly get a QB that would match up with his vertical strengths. Rams will look to re-sign the ex- Bills receiver.

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