Should the Giants trade OBJ?

Odell Beckham Junior is never far from the headlines. In the past 3 weeks alone he was filmed with a suspect looking cigar and an apparent white powder in a Paris hotel with a model, he is being sued by a man who is claiming he was assaulted by members of his security team and he has said he will not take the field in 2018 without a new contract.

He is definitely a top 5 receiver in the league, probably in the top 3 and arguably the number one. He hasn’t come out and demanded a trade, but if the right offer came in should the New York Giants seriously consider it?

To put his impact on the team into context you only need to have a quick glance at the stats. With OBJ on the field the Giants are 21-26 (.447 winning percentage), without him they are 5-12 (.294). With OBJ on the field Eli Manning had a 63.3% completion percentage, 7.0 yards per attempt, 66 TDs and 29 INTs (2.27 ratio), 3.8% sack rate and a 91.5 quarterback rating. Without him he had a 60.4% completion percentage, 6.0 YPA, 14 TDs and 14 INTs (1.00 ratio), 5.2% sack rate and a 75.0 quarterback rating – a considerable drop off in every category. He can do things no normal human being is capable of, heck he can do things no normal wide receiver is capable of. He is a once in a generation talent.

OBJ is only under contract for the 2018 season, then he becomes an unrestricted free agent. The problem for the Giants is that aren’t going to win the Super Bowl this year. They probably won’t win the NFC East. They probably won’t even make the playoffs. They are in rebuild mode with holes in at least 9 positions across the field and in theory they could do with whatever draft capital they can get their hands on. The fact they could distance themselves from the media headache that OBJ causes is an added bonus, but as he is a bonafide worldwide superstar with guaranteed merchandise sales you have to wonder how much of a headache that really is.

There has never been a star the size of OBJ traded in the NFL so it is hard to put a price on him. The Giants would definitely want at least one 1st round draft pick for him and another high pick to go along with it. Two teams that have come out in recent trade chatter are the Cleveland Browns and the LA Rams.

The Browns can obviously offer a serious package involving the 4th overall pick in this years draft, and they have the 33rd and 35th pick in the second round which they could package with it, and while OBJ is a guaranteed performer is it worth risking 2 or 3 high drafted rookies on 4 year contracts for what could prove to be just 1 year of Beckham if an extension deal can’t be made?

The Rams have been going crazy during the off-season. They traded for Marcus Peters from the Chiefs and Aqib Talib from the Broncos and signed free agents Sam Shields and Ndamukong Suh. As much as they would like to add OBJ it will be hard for them to put together the right package – they have the 23rd overall pick this year but don’t have a second round pick this year as they traded it for Sammy Watkins last year, nor do they have a second round pick next year as it was given up in the aforementioned Marcus Peters trade. They would need to give up this years first rounder and probably throw in next years too but that is a lot to give up for a receiver that could walk in a year.

In all reality Beckham will be lining up for the Giants next year as the price will be too high. But if a monster offer comes in I don’t think they are in a position to say no.


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